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Benefits of Dental Implants

Metal Allergies and Implant Surgery in New Braunfels, TX

Single Missing Tooth in Chandler AZDental implants are generally the first option recommended when considering the replacement of lost or missing teeth. The benefits are far reaching, given that the involvement of other natural teeth is not necessary to support this tooth replacement option. If you are looking for a New Braunfels dentist, Dr. Todd Smith and Dr. Michael Cole restore and maintain dental implants.Titanium has been the material of choice for the fabrication of dental implants. Implants consist of three parts, which include an implant, or insert that is surgically placed into the jawbone; an abutment, which is a small part acting as a connector; and an implant crown, which is the portion that shows in the oral cavity. A growing number of people are exhibiting allergies to metal and metal alloys, which is cause for concern if a titanium implant is used. Metal allergies can have an immediate or long-term systemic or an acute localized effect, causing problems from inflammation to chronic fatigue. As a result, ceramic implants have been proven to be an effective alternative to titanium implants for tooth implant surgery.

Once you have decided that dental implants are the best choice to replace your missing or lost teeth, Dr. Smith and Dr. Cole will refer to you a specialist for a consultation for your tooth implant surgery. It is important to inform the specialist of any potential metal allergies that you may have so that the safest type of dental implant is placed in your mouth. Your implant can then be restored by Dr. Smith and Dr. Cole by securing a specialized implant crown to the dental implant integrated into the jawbone. Implant crowns are typically fabricated of porcelain fused to high-noble metals. In the event of a metal allergy, a ceramic crown is often a sound alternative.

If you are considering tooth implant surgery and are seeking a New Braunfels dentist, contact Dr. Smith and Dr. Cole today to schedule your dental implant consultation.